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  • Intermediate Fish Quality Assessment

    Our principles of fish quality assessment course combined with at least one full day of practical assessment.
  • Health and Safety Training Courses

    We deliver Health and Safety training courses at two levels accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS).
  • Elementary Health and Safety (online)

    Elementary Health and Safety is a recognised qualification equivalent to a Level 2 certificate in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.
  • Health and Safety Taught Courses

    Health & safety training allows businesses to develop a positive culture and safe working environment. We deliver these taught courses at two levels.
  • Food Authenticity and Defence Training Courses

    A Food Authenticity and Integrity Verification for the seafood industry. Find out what's involved and how to book.
  • Fishmongering and Fish Filleting Training Courses

    Fishmongers are trained in sourcing, processing, merchandising and selling raw fish and seafood. Find training courses suitable for fishmongers.
  • Fish Frying Training Courses

    A number of Seafish approved fish frier training courses are available from KFE and the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF).
  • Fish Smoking Training Courses

    Smoking seafood is a way of giving it a unique taste and flavour. We support fish smoking training courses at introductory, basic and advanced levels.
  • Principles of Fish Smoking

    This theory-based training course covers the key principles of smoking fish.
  • Introductory Fish Smoking

    This one day fish smoking course provides a simple introduction to smoking fish using a mechanical kiln. It includes theory and practical training.
  • Basic Fish Smoking

    This two day fish smoking course gives a more detailed treatment of smoking fish using a mechanical kiln. It includes theory and practical training.
  • Advanced Fish Smoking

    This extended fish smoking course provides additional opportunities to practice the smoking of fish.