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Fish Quality Assessment Training Courses

We have programmes ranging from a half day remote principles course to a 5 day face to face practical programme.

Our programmes use Torry and Quality Index Method (QIM) assessment schemes for various species to explain how to objectively assess the quality of whole fish (raw schemes) and part processed fish (cooked schemes). 

Fish quality assessors try to answer questions such as:

  • How long has this fish been on ice?
  • What is the remaining shelf life?
  • Is the fish of a suitable quality for my business and customers?
  • Is it the quality the supplier says it is?
  • Is it the quality the customer wants?
  • What is its score?

To answer these and many similar questions requires a systematic and evidence based approach to fish quality assessment using the recognised schemes.

Our training programmes aim to provide an appropriate amount of theory and practical assessment to help you make better decisions on fish quality.

Our programmes are only the start of the process though. It will take practice to become proficient in these skills, and there is no better place to start than with one of our courses.

Attendee smells fillet being held up while other attendees are standing behind them with notes
Trainees get close to a fillet

Fish Quality Assessment Training Courses

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