Insight and research — Seafish

Insight and research

We provide insight and research on a range of topics and sectors in the seafood industry including fishing, processing, trade and retail data.

UK seafood supply chain overview

Performance of the UK seafood supply chain. Data includes landings, aquaculture, processing, imports, exports and seafood consumption.

Fishing data and insight

We collect and analyse data to provide information and insight on fish landings and performance of the commercial fishing fleet in the UK.

Seafood processing data and insight

Seafood processing is an important regional industry in the UK. We collect and analyse data on processing including performance and employment.

Seafood trade data

The UK imports and exports most of its fish and shellfish. We use HMRC data to analyse the performance of seafood trade routes in and out of the UK.

Seafood in foodservice data and insight

We analyse data on seafood sold in restaurants, hotels, takeaways and more to share the latest trends and insights on seafood eaten out of home.

Seafood retail data and insight

We analyse data of seafood sold through supermarkets and other retailers in the UK. Find out the latest trends and insights on seafood eaten at home.

Aquaculture data and insight

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food supply sector globally and is important to the UK seafood industry. We collate research on the UK industry.

Consumer research

The first step in changing behaviour is knowing what really drives consumers. We commission research into attitudes towards buying and eating seafood.

Market Insight

We provide data, trends, and insight relating to the UK seafood market. This content is for seafood businesses only and requires registration.

Current and future trends impacting the UK seafood industry

We help seafood businesses in the UK understand the trends and changes in the world which may affect them now or in the future.

Research and expert groups

Seafish works with experts in seafood and beyond to coordinate groups that commission and undertake research to support the seafood industry.