Seafood in foodservice data and insight

We analyse data on seafood sold in restaurants, hotels, takeaways and more to share the latest trends and insights on seafood eaten out of home.

Performance of seafood in foodservice

Foodservice is still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. Servings of seafood out of home were only 71% of pre-Covid (2019) levels. 

Although, the UK public do still love a Friday night fish and chip takeaway. Seafood servings sold in fish and chip shops are recovering quickest.  

Please note, our foodservice data covers England, Scotland and Wales only. 

Infographic of Seafood in GB foodservice in 2021

In 2021, UK consumers ate almost 120,000 tonnes of seafood out of home worth £3.5 billion. This is calculated by total number of servings sold multiplied by 140g which is the recommended serving size of seafood.  

In 2021, seafood was eaten in the following places: 

  1. Quick service Restaurants (excluding fish and chip shops) (44,400 tonnes) 
  2. Fish and chip shops (24,000 tonnes) 
  3. Full-service Restaurants (17,000 tonnes) 
  4. Pubs (12,000 tonnes) 
  5. Travel and leisure (11,400 tonnes) 
  6. Workplace and education (11,000 tonnes) 

Publications and tools with further data

Foodservice factsheets

We produce quarterly factsheets looking at performance of seafood in foodservice. We also produce factsheets on performance of the fish and chip sector.

These are published throughout the year. We have listed the most recent factsheets below which include more recent data. You can find older factsheets using the search function at the top of the website.

Market Insight Portal

We provide more detailed data, trends, and insight relating to the UK seafood foodservice market. This content is for seafood businesses only and requires registration. 

This enables seafood businesses to make informed decisions and devise strategies and approaches based on robust information. 

Seafood foodservice data collection

We gather and analyse quarterly data from Technomic and The NDP Group on seafood sold in foodservice. The data includes England, Scotland and Wales only.

From this information, we provide insights into the UK foodservice sector, current menu trends and the role seafood plays within it. We also share the performance of top species and channels including pubs, Quick Service Restaurants, fish and chips, leisure facilities and more.

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