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Fish Smoking Training Courses

Smoking seafood is a way of giving it a unique taste and flavour. We provide a variety of theory and practical fish smoking training courses.

We have a one day theory only training course delivered remotely. This is our Principles of Fish Smoking course.

We also deliver three face to face courses which provide a mix of theory and practical training using the AFOS Microkiln developed for Seafish by AFOS Ltd. The Microkiln is the smallest of the AFOS range, and as an upright, simple mechanical smoking kiln it is ideal for our training purposes.

All our courses cover brining, salting, cold smoking and hot smoking.

Our three face to face courses include the one day Introductory course and our Advanced course which can be as long as a week.

Currently we are unable to deliver face to face courses, but hope to resume delivery in England, Scotland and Wales later this year.


A close up on a smoked fillet being examined
Trainees examine a newly smoked fillet.

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