Fishmongering and Fish Filleting Training Courses

Fishmongers are trained in selecting, processing, merchandising and selling raw fish and seafood. Fish filleting courses offer another chance to develop skills in preparing seafood. Seafish supports an entry-level training course in fishmongering and various courses in fish filleting.

Introduction to Fishmongering

  • This course is suitable for people considering a career in fishmongering and those who are new to the sector.
  • It is a one-day course.
  • Those who complete the course will receive a certificate from Seafish.
  • The course is available in various locations including Grimsby, London, Peterhead, Northern Ireland and Wales. 
  • Cost will be confirmed by the training provider.
  • A course workbook is provided.

Other general qualifications for people working in fishmongering include courses in food hygiene and health and safety.

Fishmonger apprenticeships can also provide valuable in-depth training for individuals working at different levels.

Fish Filleting Courses

  • These courses are suitable for people working as fish filleters, fishmongers, chefs.
  • Various taught courses of different durations are available.
  • Those who complete a course will receive a certificate from Seafish.
  • Cost will be confirmed by the training provider.
  • Trainee workbooks and DVDs are available.

Further info

Access online learning resources for fishmongers

Courses are delivered by our Approved Training Providers. If you are unsure about contacting a training provider directly you can also contact our Onshore Training team.


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