Training Courses

Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy Partnership provide a range of taught and open learning courses covering skills and knowledge which are useful in every onshore sector of the seafood industry.

Most of these general training courses cover skills relevant to health & safety and food hygiene. These courses are important in all sectors, but particularly in the retail, foodservice and processing sectors of the industry. Other training courses are more specific and cover topics such as fishmongering, quality assessment, smoking and filleting skills. Training courses include:

The benefit of gaining qualifications which are recognised across multiple sectors is the flexibility this will give your career; many of these qualifications will be respected in other industries as well.

There are also apprenticeships offered within various sectors of the seafood industry, which offer vocational experience and are a unique opportunity to make contacts within the industry.  The fish and shellfish industry skills vocational qualifications and apprenticeships are part of a family of food industry qualifications available throughout the UK.

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