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Food Authenticity and Integrity Verification

This Food Authenticity and Integrity Verification programme is aimed at technical managers, food enforcement officers and third-party auditors.
Verifying lobster size, location and tag details
Understanding the provenance of seafood is a vital part of verifying food authenticity and integrity

Key Features

  • This is a fast-paced two-day advanced level programme which can be delivered over non-consecutive days.
  • The course is delivered remotely via Zoom or Teams.
  • Course materials will be provided with the joining instructions.
  • Learners who complete the course will receive a joint award from the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) and Seafish.

Information about the course

    It takes a practical case study and discursive approach to applying Official Control Verification (OCV) methodology (developed by Food Standards Scotland) to the verification of food authenticity and integrity. This cutting-edge training course encompasses traditional nature substance and quality, provenance, food fraud and food crime.

    The course will apply Food Business Operational Verification (our version of OCV). This is a scientific, structured and systematic approach to verification and goes much deeper than traditional auditing techniques.

    Course content

    • Uses the latest thinking in Official Controls Verification (OCV) methodology* for business operators.
    • Roles of TACCP, VACCP, QACCP and HACCP.
    • Detailed examination of two complex seafood products.
    • Gap analysis and triangulation.
    • Scenario based delivery using case studies.
    • Systematic approach to verification.
    • Delivered remotely via Teams or Zoom.

    * OCV is a powerful methodology developed by Food Standards Scotland and adapted by Seafish to be used by food business operators. Food Business Operational Verification is a new, powerful tool and unique to this course. 

    The BRC auditor required evidence that the site had knowledge of risk with regards to integrity and authenticity. I was able to present my certificate and highlight some of the course content for her. This satisfied the requirements for the clause and she was pleased to see that the training was REHIS accredited. We achieved an AA grade for our BRC audit.
    Quality Control Manager from a seafood processor in Scotland

    Course fee

    The cost for the courses is £400 per person. We can fund 50% of the cost for eligible seafood businesses.

    Terms and Conditions apply. 

    Qualification awarded by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) and Seafish

    Learners who attend and fully participate in the course will be awarded a joint qualification from REHIS and Seafish.

    Pre-requisites to study this course

    Within the pre course study and support materials are some case study materials which you are required to read before the training course.

    Book a place on the course

    To book a place on the course, please email our Onshore Training team by following the link below.

    Further information

    For further information about the course, please email