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1000th learner completes remote training programme

Richard Wardell, Seafish Onshore Training Advisor, explains the progress made with remote training since the Covid-19 pandemic commenced.

The way that we learn has changed drastically during the past 20 months with many of us attending a training course remotely. Instead of travelling to a classroom, we now make virtual contact with a trainer and other learners using our laptop and Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This remote approach saves learners money and time. There are also benefits for the environment as they no longer have to travel to a classroom venue. People working in rural locations have especially benefitted by not having to travel long distances to attend a training course.

In March 2021, we celebrated the 500th successful remote learner, with Boris Vascenko completing the online Elementary Food Hygiene qualification. Last month Katharine O’Connor, an Environmental Health (Food Safety) Service Manager with Plymouth City Council became the 1000th person to complete one of our online training programmes. She, along with some of her colleagues, completed our Principles of Fish Quality Assessment training course. This was delivered by Seafish approved trainers, Adrian Barratt and Paul Neve using Zoom.

Katharine highlighted:

Plymouth’s Fish Market is hugely important, with up to 40 boats landing at the quay every day. Every kind of fish is sold through the market, and along with some of my colleagues, I wanted to refresh my knowledge of what factors affect fish spoilage and which indicators to look for when assessing fish quality. By completing the training and the voluntary post course test, I am now in a better position to complete checks and advise seafood businesses.
Katharine O'Connor, Plymouth City Council

Other Environmental Health Officers from Plymouth City Council along with employees in the UK seafood industry have participated in one of our recent Principles of Fish Smoking training courses. Launched in October after being piloted effectively in September, this has become our latest training programme which can be delivered remotely. Other training programmes which we offer via Zoom or Microsoft Teams include:

Bivalve Purification Operations
Bivalve Shellfish Hygiene Verification
Food Authenticity and Integrity Verification
Introduction to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Knife Skills

Seafish National Learning and Standards Manager, Lee Cooper emphasised:

We are expanding our portfolio of training courses. Learners who have completed our remote programmes have stated that using the technology is a lot easier than they expected. Currently we are able to offer up to 50% funding support to people working in the UK seafood industry. This means that eligible businesses are able to take advantage of these savings whilst their staff gain skills and knowledge to support their development.
Lee Cooper, Seafish National Learning and Standards Manager

If you or your colleagues would like to find out more about our remote training programmes, or possible funding opportunities, please email our Onshore Training team: onshore@seafish.co.uk.