Remote knife skills coaching sessions now available

Funded remote knife skills coaching sessions now available for people working in the UK seafood industry or seeking work in the UK seafood industry.

The way we teach and assess learners has been transformed due to Covid-19. Over the past 16 months a lot of training and exams have been conducted virtually using video conferencing platforms. Knowledge-based courses including food hygiene and health & safety can be taught online and invigilated effortlessly using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

More challenging has been our practical-based programmes including fishmongering and fish filleting. However, at Seafish, we have been piloting the remote provision of knife skills coaching using Zoom. We are pleased to report that having a skilled and knowledgeable coach hundreds of miles from the trainee still produces excellent results.

Sean Powell, a fisherman based in North Wales, was looking to enhance his basic knife skills and participated in the trial. He said: 

It’s fantastic that I’ve been given this opportunity to further develop my practical skills. The assistance that I’ve received from Seafish approved coach, Ivan Jaines-White, has been tremendous. I’ve learnt so much from him.

Ivan, who has been awarded Master Fishmonger Standard status, added:

I’ve been active in the seafood industry for over 50 years and I’ve seen many changes through the decades. To be able to deliver knife skills support remotely using Zoom has proved that distance is no barrier. I’m based in North East Lincolnshire but with using technology, Sean has been able to produce a good standard of fillets in North Wales!
Ivan Jaines-White, Seafish approved trainer/coach

If you are a novice looking to progress in the seafood industry or if you possess some experience and wish to improve or expand your skills, we can help you and your staff. Registering your interest is easy to do and we will put you in touch with a Seafish approved coach. They will then provide advice and guidance, both in organising and delivering hourly one to one sessions.


A fishmonger filleting cod
Fishmonger preparing fish

Currently, we are able to provide 50% funding to eligible individuals for their first two hourly coaching sessions. The subsidised cost for a one hour session is £30 plus VAT. After these first two financially supported sessions, a learner can continue developing their skills with the same coach. We believe now is a great time to register for this coaching at a reduced fee. It can inspire the learner and boost your business during this demanding period.

If you or one of your colleagues are interested in participating in a remote knife skills coaching session, please email