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Health and Safety in the Seafood Industry is an open learning programme published by the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish). After studying this substantial training module you can undertake an Elementary H&S exam from the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS). If successful you will be awarded a H&S qualification that is recognised throughout the UK and internationally. The Elementary Health and Safety qualifications is formally credit rated to SCQF Level 5 (Level 2 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales).

Hundreds of people in the UK seafood industry have used this open learning module to achieve a H&S qualification, and now thanks to an agreement with Seafish, the Seafood Training Academy can bring this module to your PC, Netbook and Smartphone.

This is not an eLearning programme, it's simply an online open learning module. If all you need is to understand H&S then the module is free of charge. If you decide to go forward for the exam then your exam fee may include a printed copy of the module for you to keep.

In the column on the right is the full H&S open learning module as a series of stand-alone chapters in pdf format. If having studied the module you want to get the qualification then please email for information on how to do this.

Terms Seafish retains full copyright and does not approve the use of these files by anyone other than individuals employed in or seeking employment in the UK seafood industry. Organisations wishing to use these files for group or commercial training should contact to find out how this can be approved.

Earning a Qualification - To obtain an Elementary Health and Safety Certificate you need to have completed an approved course of study and achieved a satisfactory mark in the test that followed the course

In practical terms this means working through the pdfs on the right and when you are ready sitting a 30 min multiple choice test (in the UK) with one of our trainers or invigilators. Seafish will put you in touch with someone (the Invigilator) who can deliver the test.

As this is a regulated Qualification you will not only have to pass the test (60% pass mark) but also provide proof of the following:

  • Who you are - bring along some form of photo ID;
  • That you completed the online materials - bring along your completed Logsheet.
  • Also print off all the Self Assessment Questions (SAQs) and fill in your answers.

There will be exam fees to pay and this is something to agree with the invigilator. At least you will have saved the £16.00 cost of buying the open learning module. After all, if you have studied all of the online content, you might as well get the qualification.

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