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Bivalve Purification Operations Training

This one day bivalve shellfish industry course focuses on the requirements needed to safely purify or depurate live bivalve shellfish.

This course is available remotely (via Zoom) and in special circumstances face to face for a group. It is suitable for all employees in a bivalve purification and despatch centre, from operative to manager.

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Key Features

  • This course is suitable for people working in depuration as operatives, supervisors and managers.
  • Since 2020 this course has been delivered very effectively remotely via Zoom.  
  • It is a one day taught course which includes a 20 question multiple choice online test.
  • People who pass the exam will receive a qualification jointly awarded by Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) and Seafish.
  • It is often delivered as an open course, but delivery to a single business, is also available.
  • Course materials include a digital handbook.

Information about the course

  • This is a one day training course which can be delivered on two consecutive half days.
  • The online invigilated exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions.
  • The learning materials are only available in English.

Course content

The course focuses on six areas: 

  • Threats to human health.
  • Shellfish handling and storage.
  • Bivalve purification operations.
  • Food safety and bivalve purification.
  • Health and safety essentials.
  • Safer seafood production.

Course costs

Cost is £150 per person and UK seafood businesses can access 50% funding (limitations, T&Cs apply).

Qualification awarded by REHIS

Learners who pass the exam will receive a qualification from the REHIS and Seafish. 

Pre-requisites to study this course

There are no pre-requisites to study this course although a food hygiene qualification may be of help.

Book a place on the course

To book a place on the course, please email our Onshore Training team by following the link below.

Further information

For further information about the course, please email or contact Martin Syvret, Aquafish Solutions, who is the approved training provider for this programme.