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Bivalve Shellfish Hygiene Verification programme

An advanced level, two-day training programme for Environmental Health Officers (EHOs).

This bivalve shellfish course has been designed around the needs of EHOs and others responsible for inspecting or auditing bivalve purification or depuration centres.

Using the latest approach to official control methodology and scenarios from the heart of purification operations, this two day course is challenging, insightful and provides an element of continuing professional development (CPD). 

It is delivered by a practicing EHO and accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS).

Chalkboard diagram of a mass balance triangulation
Chalkboard diagram of a mass balance triangulation

Key Features

  • This course is delivered via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  • It is suitable for Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and 3rd party auditors and verifiers.
  • It is a two day taught course which includes an exam.
  • People who pass the exam will receive a Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS)/Seafish joint award qualification.
  • Course materials are extensive and include a digital handbook and dedicated online resources.
Thank you for organising this course and pass on my thanks to Andrew MacLeod (Seafish approved trainer) for an engaging and highly informative experience.
Stephanie Haly, Portsmouth Port Health Authority

Information about the course

  • This is a two day training course which is usually delivered on non consecutive days.
  • The exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions.
  • The learning materials are only available in English.

Course content

This training course is split into two parts. Part one introduces the bivalve purification process. It also looks at the food science and technology of purification as a platform of understanding for carrying out effective official controls (OCs). Part two analyses approval and inspecting along with evaluating purification scenarios. 

During the course reference is made to official control verification (OCV). OCV is a scientific, structured and systematic approach to official controls, particularly inspecting.

Course and exam fee

The course costs £400 per person.

Please note that this programme is not eligible for Seafish funding support.

Qualification awarded by REHIS

Learners who pass the exam will receive a qualification and CPD statement from the REHIS. 

Pre-requisites to study this course

This course is only open to EHOs, Local Authority inspections staff, 3rd party auditors/verifiers and similar job roles.   As a good understanding of bivalve purification operations is essential, we may require (and strongly suggest) trainees to undertake the Bivalve Purification Operations course before participating in this programme.

Book a place on the course

To book a place on the course, please email our Onshore Training team by following the link below.

Further information

For further information about the course, please email