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It’s better news for seafood in foodservice with an 8.6% increase in seafood servings as the sector started to recover from Covid.

Although, it’s still around 20% lower than pre-Covid levels.

total BG food service:£4.3bn (+21.5%) 130,085t (+8.6%). 1 quick service restaurants (exc fish and chips shop): 38,527t (-13.1%). 2 fish and chips shops: 21,255t (-11.5). full service restaurants: 21,255t (+31.1%). 4 pubs: 19,496t (+64.1%). 5 travel and leisure: 12,427t (+9.7%). 6 workplace and education: 15,664t (+43.3%).

*Tonnage estimate = total servings x 140g portion size

Data notes and sources


Data Source: Marine Management Organisation.

Reference: MMO monthly landings statistics

Fleet economic performance

Data source: Seafish

Reference: Seafish Fleet Enquiry Tool

Note that 2022 performance and landings data is provisional

Aquaculture production

Data Source: Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture (CEFAS)

Reference: Data supplied directly to Seafish

Trade (Imports and Exports)

Data Source: HMRC monthly data via Business Trade Statistics (BTS), processed by Seafish.

Reference: Seafish Trade and Tariff Tool!/

Note that 2022 trade data is provisional


Data source: Seafish

Reference: Seafish Processing Enquiry Tool

Retail data

NielsenIQ ScanTrack data to 52 week ending 31/12/2022; Reference - Monthly Retail Report 52

week ending (w/e) data to 31.12.22; Link to report on MI Portal; Seafish.Org link to retail page and factsheets.

Foodservice data

Circana data to year end December 2022; Reference - 2022 Q4 NPD Data Sheet; Link to report on

MI Portal; Seafish.Org link to foodservice page and factsheets.