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Seafood consumption in the UK

Seafood bought in retail outlets in 2022 declined as consumers started to feel the pinch of the cost of
living crisis. Although for the first time in years, tuna
has overtaken salmon as the nation’s favourite fish. Tinned fish is having a revival!

Seafood eaten at home

chilled 62%, frozen 25%, ambient 13%

Value UK retail:


chilled 46%, frozen 33%, ambient 21%

Volumn UK retail:

391,572 tonnes

Chilled Frozon Ambient

  • 1. Tuna – 69,481t (+13.8%)
  • 2. Salmon – 66,615t (-9.9%)
  • 3. Cod – 51,461t (-13.9%)
  • 4. Pollock – 31,672t (-6.7%)
  • 5. Warm Water Prawns – 25,553t (-5.0%)
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Did you know? Health guidelines say we should be eating 2 portions of fish a week, including 1 oily fish. Fish is a healthy
protein full of important omega-3 and
other vitamins and minerals. Sadly, people in the UK do not eat enough fish. We should all be getting more into our diets! Grab a tin of mackerel or sardines on your next shopping trip.

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Data notes and sources


Data Source: Marine Management Organisation.

Reference: MMO monthly landings statistics

Fleet economic performance

Data source: Seafish

Reference: Seafish Fleet Enquiry Tool

Note that 2022 performance and landings data is provisional

Aquaculture production

Data Source: Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture (CEFAS)

Reference: Data supplied directly to Seafish

Trade (Imports and Exports)

Data Source: HMRC monthly data via Business Trade Statistics (BTS), processed by Seafish.

Reference: Seafish Trade and Tariff Tool!/

Note that 2022 trade data is provisional


Data source: Seafish

Reference: Seafish Processing Enquiry Tool

Retail data

NielsenIQ ScanTrack data to 52 week ending 31/12/2022; Reference - Monthly Retail Report 52

week ending (w/e) data to 31.12.22; Link to report on MI Portal; Seafish.Org link to retail page and factsheets.

Foodservice data

Circana data to year end December 2022; Reference - 2022 Q4 NPD Data Sheet; Link to report on

MI Portal; Seafish.Org link to foodservice page and factsheets.