Seafood Issues Groups

We run regular discussion groups for people interested in environmental and socially responsible sourcing of seafood in the UK and globally.

The purpose of the groups is to bring people together to find solutions to shared problems, providing the space to discuss the issues facing the seafood industry in the UK. The groups are led by our industry and we take responsibility for running them. 

The current Issues Groups are:

The Seafood Issues Groups usually meet in London two or three times a year. Due to COVID-19 we are holding a series of shorter online bite-size meetings throughout 2020.

We are aiming to hold two bite-size meetings a month during 2020 for the four main groups - Common Language Group (CLG), Seafood Ethics Common Language Group (SECLG), Aquaculture Common Issues Group (ACIG) and the Fisheries Management and Innovation Group (FMIG). There will be a Pelagic Industry Issues Group (PIIG) online meeting in September.

Please look out for the meeting dates on our Issues Group pages.

Further info

Seafish Industry Meetings Disclaimer Guidelines are here


For further information on any of the groups or to be added to any of the mailing lists contact Karen Green