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The Common Language Group

A group to bring together people who want to know more about the environmental, legal and production issues facing the UK seafood supply chain.

The Common Language Group (CLG) provides a safe meeting space to discuss the key issues facing a responsible seafood supply chain. The topics covered include fisheries management, legal fishing, fishing methods and how to trace and track seafood along the supply chain. It also covers how seafood is bought and eaten in and out of the home. It is an opportunity to share new ideas or case studies from around the world.

The group is led by our industry and we take responsibility for running the CLG. The Group has met three times a year since 2007. The CLG brings together people who represent the retail, processing, food service and restaurant industry. Other people who attend are not-for-profit voluntary groups, consumer groups, governments, scientists and producer organisations.

CLG meetings and bite-size meetings

There are generally three meetings a year. The presentations and minutes from the most recent meetings are below. Presentations and minutes from previous meetings are available from Karen Green.

We are running a mix of in person meetings and shorter online bite-size CLG sessions at the moment.

Next meeting

The next online bite-size meeting is on 26 March 2024. Our topic is: How the seafood industry must back up sustainability claims.

Previous two meetings

Fish stock status in the North East Atlantic (5 December 2023). This bite-size meeting looked at the latest advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) on the key commercial species for the UK supply chain. It also looked ahead to the negotiations for 2024. Please view the presentations:

Seafood winners and losers in a warming world: what the science is telling us so far (26 September 2023). A new paper published by Cefas is helping the UK fishing industry to understand the future impacts of climate change on commercially important fish species across the UK. This meeting looked in more detail at the seafood winners and losers in a warming world, and what the science is telling us so far. Please view the presentations:

CLG meeting notes

CLG monthly newsletters

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For further information, please contact: Karen Green