Aquaculture Common Issues Group

The Aquaculture Common Issues Group (ACIG), facilitated by Seafish, aims to discuss and inform positions on some of the sector's most important issues.

The ACIG is an open forum attended by a diverse network of culturists, producer associations, food and fish feed processors, retailers, environmental NGOs, Crown Estates, Government Departments and regional development organisations. This group represents those who are concerned with, or affected by, the many issues facing the finfish and shellfish aquaculture industry

The ACIG provides a forum for knowledge exchange and discussion of ethical, environmental and economic issues and challenges faced by the UK and overseas aquaculture industry.

ACIG meetings are held twice a year. The minutes and presentations from these meetings are below. The last meeting was on 18 September 2019 in London. 

ACIG Bite-size meetings

We are planning a series of bite-size ACIG online meetings over the next few months.

Farmed seafood - the market and perceptions. Held on 24 June 2020.
It is estimated that farmed seafood currently makes up 55% by value (38% by volume) of the UK top five best-selling seafood species and this share continues to grow. This Aquaculture Common Issues Group Bite-size meeting explored the current UK market for farmed seafood products and looked at positive ways to engage seafood shoppers through marketing to address misconceptions around aquaculture products, as well as a look ahead to future developments. See the presentations from this session:

Next meeting

Date and time: Wednesday 5 August 2020. 2.00pm - 3.30pm. BST
Telling the story of responsibly farmed seafood.
According to the latest FAO State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report world aquaculture production reached a record level of 114.5 million metric tonnes in 2018 with more than half (52% of the seafood we eat) now farmed. This Aquaculture Common Issues Group bite-size meeting will explore attitudes towards farmed seafood and look at how the industry is trying to spread awareness of basic aquaculture facts and production methods and really tell the story of responsibly farmed seafood.

Our outline agenda is: 

  • Issues, perceptions and concerns. 
  • The ‘story behind the food’ – conclusions from the Cargill Feed4Thought consumer survey.
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance 101 educational series.
  • IFFO social media campaign to refine the public's understanding of the science behind the marine ingredients industry.

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A further ACIG bite-size meeting is scheduled for 21 October 2020. For further information, please email Karen Green.

We have archived presentations and minutes from previous meetings but these are available from Karen Green.

  • The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the group (March 2019) can be found here.
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Presentations from 18 September 2019 meeting:

RAS. Fresh Prawns Produced in Lincolnshire. Dr Jonathan Newman, Flo-Gro Fresh.

Ocean Matters. Daniel Philips, Ocean Matters.

Mowi Anglesey Wrasse project. Daniel Philips, Ocean Matters.

Progress with European Spiny Lobster. David Fletcher, RAS Aquaculture Research Ltd.

Offshore shellfish. Huw Thomas, Offshore Shellfish Ltd.

The potential for UK seaweeds. Kate Burns, Islander Rathlin Kelp.

Seafish update. Lee Cocker, Seafish.

Fish welfare guidelines. Dan Lee, Global Aquaculture Alliance.

GLOBALG.A.P: Balancing demand and assurance. Remko Oosterveld, GlobalG.A.P.

Algae-based products containing Omega-3 EPA and DHA. Ian Carr, Veramaris.

The Sustainable Seafood Consumption Initiative. Dave Little, University of Stirling.

Aquaculture Common Issues Group minutes:

Presentations from 30 April 2019 meeting:

Seafood 2040. Aquaculture Leadership Group (ALG). James Fox Davies, Fowey Shellfish.

Aquaculture Representative Group (ARG) in Northern Ireland. Martin Flanigan, NI ARG.

Seafish update. Lee Cocker, Seafish.

Cefas Aquaculture Mapping Project. Keith Jeffery, Cefas. 

Aquaculture in Dorset and East Devon – Barriers, Support and Innovation. Martin Syvret, Aquafish Solutions. 

SWEEP and water quality management in SW England. Ross Brown, University of Exeter.

Integration of fisheries with aquaculture - Cefas project. Keith Jeffery and Heather Conejo-Watt, Cefas. 

Aquaculture Safety and Health Awareness Day (AquaSHAD). Fingal McKiernan, Northern Lighthouse Board. 

Fishermen’s Mission support for aquaculturists. Ali Godfrey, Fishermen’s Mission.

ARCH UK progress and activities. James Taylor, ARCH UK. 

Knowledge Transfer Network concept for new online aquaculture landscape tool. Charles Vander Broek, KTN.

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For further information, please contact:

Karen Green or Lee Cocker