Fish and chip portion comparisons

We have compared the portion size and prices of takeaway fish and chips across the UK to highlight the differences between consumer experiences.

How do your portions compare?

We’ve visited hundreds of fish and chip outlets to see how portions and prices of the nation’s favourite meal vary across the country – and the results were really surprising! Take a look at our table to see how your portions for cod or haddock and chips compare. Each comparison is for a medium portion (or equivalent) of fish, chips and mushy peas.

  Cod Portion Size Cod Average Price Cod Average grams per £ Haddock Portion Size Haddock Average Price Haddock Average grams per £
Scotland  853g £5.65 151g 735g £6.88 107g
North East 742g £5.57 133g 764g £5.80 132g
Yorkshire and Humber 742g £5.57 133g 764g £5.80 132g
North West 732g £5.69 129g 718g £5.82 124g
London 826g £7.49 110g 852g £8.02 106g
East Midlands 840g £6.11 138g 861g £6.08 142g
West Midlands 840g £6.11 138g 861g £6.08 142g
East 771g £6.69 115g 781g £7.05 111g
South East 771g £6.69 115g 781g £7.05 111g
Wales  812g £5.92 138g 767g £5.50 140g
South West 737g £6.47 114g 751g £6.96 108g