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Who we are and what we do

Seafish is a public body supporting the UK seafood sector to thrive. Find out how our work can help you and your business.

Seafish Corporate Plan and Annual Plan

Discover our vision for the next five years in our 2023-2028 Corporate Plan. You can explore a series of videos in our interactive corporate plan or download it as a document from the links below: 

The front cover of the Seafish 2023 - 2028 Corporate Plan, featuring a person standing smiling in front of a fish shop.
We work with the full UK seafood supply chain from seafood producers to sellers.

You can also read our key focuses for the year ahead in our 2024-2025 Annual Plan.

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Our purpose

We’re here to give the UK seafood sector the support it needs to thrive. When the seafood industry thrives, the whole nation thrives because:

  • Seafood is packed full of nutrition;
  • When managed responsibly, seafood is sustainable;
  • The seafood industry creates long-term job opportunities and drives business prosperity and,
  • It builds and sustains communities.

We work with the seafood industry right across the UK from Shetland in the north to Cornwall in the south.

We work with fishing vessels and their crew, seafood processing businesses, aquaculture producers, and restaurants and fishmongers reliant on the industry and the top-quality seafood we fish, farm and process.

Our unique, non-competitive position means we work in partnership with stakeholders across the UK to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Our priorities 

Our work makes a huge difference. It keeps fishermen safe, supports sustainable sourcing, helps businesses work better and boosts the nation’s health.

We tackle everything from research to campaigns and insights to training. Whatever we can do to give our industry the support it needs to thrive

Over the next five years, our priorities for the seafood industry are:

  • Ensuring a Safe and Skilled Workforce 
  • Facilitating and promoting International Trade 
  • Responding to the Climate Change emergency 
  • Improving Fisheries Management 
  • Enabling Supply Chain Resilience  
  • Improving Data, Insight, and Innovation to support our priority work areas and to deliver products and services directly to business.   

Across these priority work areas, we will actively scan the landscape for reputational risks and proactively plan responses to help mitigate impacts and champion Industry Reputation. 

We support the industry to recruit talent, trade seamlessly and tackle issues such as climate change and sustainability.

Our Impact

We are a small organisation and assessing the contribution we make can be difficult but we will measure our impact by observing the performance of the industry based on the following measures:​​​​​​​

  1. Contribution seafood makes to UK gross domestic product increases.
  2. Volume of seafood exports increases.
  3. Increase on proportion of seafood imports that are destined for value added processing
  4. Halt the current declining trend in seafood consumption.
  5. Volume of shellfish aquaculture produced across the UK increases.
  6. Decline in carbon emissions from the UK seafood sector (catching, aquaculture and processing).
  7. Volume of seafood landed into UK ports increases.
  8. Percentage of marine fish stocks (of UK interest) with biomass al levels that maintain full reproductive capacity increases.
  9. Number of seafood businesses with access to sufficient, skilled labour increases.
  10. Year on year decline in the number of preventable incidents on fishing vessels.
  11. Positive media coverage on the seafood industry increases year on year (baseline to be set in 2023).
  12. Positive stakeholder sentiment about Seafish increases year on year (baseline to be set in 2023).

Watch our video below for a few highlights of what we achieved in the first year of our new corporate plan. You can also read about the impact of our work in our most recent Annual Report and on our Supported by Seafish webpage.  

A video showing some highlights of what we achieved in 2023 to 2024.

Who we are

We were set up by the Fisheries Act 1981 and our sponsor is the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). We also work with the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish devolved administrations.

We have around 85 staff across the UK with a range of fisheries and seafood knowledge and expertise. We have offices in Edinburgh and Grimsby. We have regional managers based near some of the main fishing and seafood hubs around the UK.

Our Executive Team leads our work and is overseen by the Seafish Board.

Go to our Contact Us page to get in touch with us and find out how we can support you.

Our funding

Most of our funding comes from a levy on the first sale of seafood products in the UK. This includes imported seafood. Go to our Seafish Levy page to find out who pays the levy, which products are due levy and how to pay the levy. We fund some projects with money from UK fisheries funding schemes.

Following our Strategic Review in 2021, we are consulting with the industry on changes to the Seafish levy. These will be the first changes since 1999 and will help us to deliver the support the industry wants from us. Find out more on our Seafish Levy Review page from the link below: