Working locally in the UK

We have Regional Managers based throughout the UK. They offer the seafood industry local support and access to our information and services.

The seafood industry’s needs differ around the UK. The expertise within the regional team at Seafish reflects this diversity. We have Regional Managers based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each Manager has a skill set complementing the needs of the industry they serve.

Specific information on the work we do in each region is available on the following pages: 

How we work locally

We celebrate the fantastic seafood and the people and businesses who supply it across the UK.

We assist all types of seafood businesses, organisations and individuals across the supply chain. Having our people located across the UK means we can:

  • Assist businesses or individuals with their questions or queries;
  • Bring people together to work on projects, ranging from scientific to educational initiatives;
  • Support industry by promoting the work underway;
  • Provide knowledge sharing through webinars, conferences and events.
We have Regional Managers around the UK who really understand the needs of the local seafood industry and where it needs the most help.

We partner with industry to provide timely support on the local issues they face. 

Each regional manager offers expert advice and guidance. Our Regional Managers also signpost enquiries and issues to Seafish colleagues. This ensures easy access to the full range of support we have to offer. That support could be on regulation, training needs or technical advice.

Regional Advisory Committees

In some areas, the work of the our Regional Team is governed by Advisory Committees. These are made up of representatives from across the seafood supply chain. The Advisory Committees oversee our work programme in their area. This guides us on the specific needs of industry locally. 

How can we help you?

If you’re a business or an individual needing someone to talk to, contact one of the regional team members in your area. For more information on how we work locally, get in touch with the relevant Head of Team below. (West covers Northern Ireland, Wales and South West England. East covers Scotland and the rest of England.)

Helen Duggan
Head of UK Regions (East)
01472 252 347
07943 557 650
Hannah Thompson
Head of International Trade and Regions (West)
01472 252 349