Working with the seafood industry in Wales — Seafish

Working with the seafood industry in Wales

We help the Welsh seafood industry thrive through fishing safety initiatives, seafood promotion, education and provision of industry information.

How we work in Wales

In Wales our team are guided by the Seafish Wales Advisory Committee (SWAC). 

Our aim is to partner with industry to provide timely support on the issues that industry face locally. We create projects, events and initiatives that celebrate the fantastic local seafood available in Wales and the people and businesses who supply it. 

We work closely with the Welsh seafood industry and its SWAC representatives to ensure the local coordination of our activities.

What we do in Wales

Our job in Wales is to work closely with the seafood industry to give them the information and support they need. We assist seafood businesses, organisations and individuals across the supply chain. This also includes working with Welsh Government. As the industry changes our work adapts and evolves.

Local priorities are identified through SWAC and we then bring people together to work on a range of projects covering areas that currently include:

  • Fishing Safety - We facilitate the Welsh Fishing Safety Committee (WFSC) which brings together fishing groups and organisations with a remit for fishing safety. Their mission is to make fishing safer by encouraging training, raising awareness of issues faced by fishermen and developing projects and initiatives which improve fishing safety. Working with our Welsh Fishing Safety Project Officer, they are currently designing a bespoke fishing safety guide for use on fishing vessels.  

  • Information - We provide information on the Welsh seafood industry via the Wales Seafood Industry Dashboard. Whether you want to find out about seafood supply, employment, safety or the value of the industry it will keep you informed.

Regular email updates

We email an update with links to relevant articles, services or meeting dates, which anyone connected to the Welsh seafood industry can receive. Sign up for our updates.

How can we help you?

If you are a business or an individual in Wales needing someone to talk to about our activity locally or some of the other services provided on regulation, market insight, economics or safety and training, please contact:

Noemi Donigiewicz
Industry Engagement Manager - Wales
(+44) 0131 380 4572