Trade and regulation advice and resources

We offer advice, information and resources on seafood trade and regulation. Our guides, tools and people can support you with your queries.

We work with the UK seafood industry and with government to help businesses to trade successfully within the UK and overseas. 

Our team of regulation, economic data and international trade experts are well connected in to the seafood industry and Government. Use our resources and contacts below to help with your trade and regulation issues and opportunities. 

Facilitating UK and international seafood trade

We work with government to ensure the needs of the seafood supply chain are understood as new Free Trade Agreements are negotiated. We also help businesses to understand the changing regulations and rules of trading seafood.

We are not the regulators but our goal is to make the complex information easier to understand so businesses can navigate the tariff and non-tariff barriers. We also provide information and advice on regulations for trading in the UK.

Import and export regulations

Go to our sections on importing and exporting seafood to find the latest information on what you need to do if you are trading with the EU. We are currently developing guidance on trading with the rest of the world too.

Trade forums and groups

We run several industry led forums to share information and insight related to overseas trade. More information on this is coming soon.  

Regulation and trade advice service

We have a team of regulation experts who can help to answer any questions you have on the rules of trading seafood within the UK or outside of the UK. We can signpost you to the correct guidance or the right regulator to solve your query.

Email with your query and one of the team will get back to you.

Regulation news and updates

We send out a monthly email update with all the latest seafood regulation updates and changes. Sign up to get these straight to your inbox.

Promoting international seafood trade

We help the sector to identify potential opportunities in overseas markets, provide on the ground support at trade shows, and produce marketing and promotional assets that businesses can use to help promote their products. 

Market data and guides

We provide a comprehensive information resource to help businesses understand the scope and potential of overseas markets.  

Events and promotion

We can support you to promote your products to overseas buyers with attendance at international trade shows and marketing toolkits. Got to our Promoting UK seafood internationally page to find out more.

Promoting seafood overseas advice and support

Our trade and market insight experts can help you with advice on overseas markets and connect you with the right people. Email who is our Head of International Trade.