Working with the seafood industry in England

We help the English seafood industry thrive through fishing safety, seafood promotion, sustainability initiatives and providing industry information.

How we work in England

The Seafish England Regional team work closely with the English seafood industry to give them the information and support they need to thrive. 

Our aim is to partner with industry to provide timely support on the issues they face locally. We work closely with seafood businesses and industry representatives to create projects, events and initiatives that celebrate the fantastic seafood available in England including those who supply it. 

The Seafish England team also assist in the delivery of projects that contribute to the goals of the Seafood 2040 strategy. Seafood 2040 is a plan to support England’s seafood industry toward a thriving and sustainable future.

In England we have two regional managers. Gavin Hatton in the North East and Gus Caslake in the South West. Our Seafish England Managers work closely together to ensure the coordination of our activities locally, across England and the wider UK.

What we do in England

Our job in England is to assist the seafood industry by giving them the information and support they need. We work with seafood businesses, organisations and individuals across the supply chain. This includes all sectors of the industry – wild capture, aquaculture, processors, importers, exporters and major retailers. As the industry changes our work adapts and evolves.

Local priorities are identified through consultation with seafood businesses and industry representatives. We then bring people together to work on a range of projects covering areas that currently include:

  • Supporting Seafood Businesses -  From delivering careers events, to supporting onshore training through the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Training Network or providing information on a range of projects and initiatives through bespoke webinars; we are there to support our stakeholders and deliver benefit across the supply chain.

  • Catching sector support - We engage in regional projects which help the catching sector maintain a sustainable and thriving industry. Projects include the recycling of marine plastics, fishing gear selectivity and improving fish quality and welfare.

  • Promoting seafood - We engage in regional events such seafood festivals, as well as industry visits to fish markets and fish processing facilities. We also develop regionally focused resources to promote the consumption of seafood.

  • Fishing Safety - We facilitate the South West Fishermen’s Safety Forum (SWFSF) and support regional safety projects These include the roll out of Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) to 4,500 fishermen in England. We also assist skippers to meet new vessel safety regulations and facilitate delivery of training events in fishing ports. We ensure industry stay up to date through our website.

Regular email updates

We email a regular update with links to articles, services or meeting dates which may be of particular interest locally, which anyone connected to the English seafood industry can receive. Sign up to our update.

The nature of the seafood industry varies across the UK. In all areas of England we work closely with key stakeholders and ensure they have access to Seafish support and information.

In the North East we are partners in the Humber and Grimsby Forum, and in the South West our work is guided by the Seafish South West Advisory Committee (SSWAC). Here our annual bespoke work programme is agreed in consultation with them. We coordinate a range of projects and activities that aim to make possible the economic development and maintenance of the industry here.

How can we help you?

If you are a business or an individual in England needing someone to talk to about our work locally or some of the other services we provide on regulation, market insight, economics or safety and training then contact the Regional Manager in your area:

Gus Caslake
Regional Manager - South West England
+44 (0) 1209 713162
+44 (0) 0787 6035738
Gavin Hatton
Regional Manager - Humber and North East of England
+44 (0) 1472 252300
+44 (0) 7871 310331
Felix Ameye
Regional Manager South East England
07984 561918