Fish and chip industry support

In 2016, we published research in to the nutritional profile of takeaway fish and chip portions to help the industry improve customer experience.

Size matters

Across the country, portion sizes vary hugely, with the largest serving of chips almost seven times bigger than the smallest. We think customers would like their portions to be more predictable, and this can bring financial benefits for fish and chip businesses too.

  • Smallest medium chips weighs 100g
  • Biggest medium chips weighs 797g

Portion choice is important

In general, most fish and chip outlets only offer one or two different portion sizes, yet our research has found that some customers want more choice so they can create the meal that is just the right size for them. To help you develop an even better understanding of what your customers need, want and expect, go to our dedicated tips and advice section.

We’ve been talking to some businesses who have already changed the way they serve fish and chips. 

  • Only 27% offer three chip portion sizes
  • Only 13% offer three fish portion sizes

More customers are health conscious

According to our research, the biggest reason to eat fish and chips more often is if it were healthier. If you want to know more about what fish and chip shop customers told us they’d like, go to our dedicated tips and advice section.

  • 78% think fish and chips is a treat
  • 72% would prefer fish and chips with a lower fat content

...and they want more information

Consumers today are used to getting more information than ever before about the nutritional content of their food. As an industry, we can help them to make informed choices by displaying important nutritional information in-store in a clear and concise way. 

  • 53% want to know the fat content of their fish and chips
  • 62% want to see nutritional information displayed per portion size