Onshore Training

There are plenty of opportunities for training that leads towards better jobs and careers in the seafood industry across the UK.

From health and safety certificates to degrees and vocational qualifications,  participating in learning and training can give you the knowledge and experience to progress to bigger and better roles in the seafood industry.

Keeping up high standards of training in the seafood industry is important for a number of reasons that benefit all of us. Training ensures that employees are safe at work, that consumers purchase higher-quality products, and that employers employ skilled, competent and motivated workforces.

If it's seagoing training information you need, navigate to our dedicated page via the button below. 

Looking for our Seafood Guide?

The Seafish Seafood Guide is a comprehensive 64-page guide to fish and shellfish available in the UK.


There are apprenticeships available throughout the UK for the onshore sectors of the fish and shellfish industry. To find out what is available for operatives, team leaders, supervisors and managers, use the drop down below:

Training Courses

Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy Partnership provide a range of taught and open learning courses covering skills and knowledge which are useful in every onshore sector of the seafood industry.

Seafish is working with...

  • Seafish Approved Trainers
  • Apprenticeship Providers
  • Seafood Training Academy
  • Training Centres
  • Training Partners

Seafish approves organisations on the basis of a shared aim to support fish and shellfish businesses and employees in a particular region.

Latest News:

Latest Kingfisher FishSAFE and KIS-ORCA datasets released for the fishing industry

07 February 2020
The Kingfisher team from Seafish, the public body that supports the £10bn UK seafood industry, has released the latest updates of FishSAFE and KIS-ORCA datasets - a valuable navigation resource for fishermen.
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