Safety and Training

Seafish provides information, support and guidance on careers and training in the seafood industry.

Our Fishermen’s Training team co-ordinates training for commercial fishermen working on UK-registered fishing vessels and our onshore training team coordinates the activities of a UK wide community of trainers and apprenticeship providers.

We currently have funding available to support online learning opportunities while Covid-19 social distancing requirements prevent the delivery of face to face taught training courses.


Training in the Seafood Industry

Seagoing Training

Onshore Training

Our Safety and Training Initiatives

Seafish have pioneered several initiatives relating to both safety and training. Here are just a couple of projects that we are working on at the present.


Sea You Home Safe

Seafood Training Networks

Marine Survey


Spotlight on Safety

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Fast Facts


commercial fisherman work in the UK


Agreed that their family worried about them while they were at sea


Disagreed that accidents at sea are mostly down to events beyond their control


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