Kingfisher Information Services

A free information resource that provides fishers with the locations of surface and subsea hazards around the UK so fishers can operate safely at sea.

Kingfisher Information Services (Kingfisher) works with all offshore industries in order to bring the latest news and most accurate information directly into the hands of fishers. The industries Kingfisher works with include:

  • oil and gas;
  • subsea cable;
  • renewable energy; and
  • marine aggregates.

Kingfisher has been providing the fishing industry with important information regarding subsea structures and the seabed for over 50 years.

All information is completely free for fishers to download and use.

Kingfisher Information Available for Use

Kingfisher offers fishers the following resources:

The Kingfisher Bulletin

The Kingfisher Bulletin keeps fishers up to date with the latest news of offshore activities and potential hazards to fishing.  The Bulletin is now available on a new website,  You can also keep up to date by downloading a mobile application from Google Play or the App Store.

To request archive copies of previous Kingfisher Bulletins, please contact a member of the Kingfisher team on

Oil and Gas Data for Fishing Plotters

Kingfisher manages the FishSAFE project for the oil and gas sector. The FishSAFE website provides fishing plotter data on the locations and details of all offshore oil and gas infrastructure in the UK. The site also provides a list of the positions of all suspended wellheads in UK waters. This is produced every six months and is called the Yellow Card. Visit for more information.

Cable and Wind Data for Fishing Plotters

Kingfisher manages the Kingfisher Information Service- Offshore Renewable & Cable Awareness project (KIS-ORCA). This is a joint initiative with Kingfisher, the European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA) and Renewable UK.  KIS-ORCA provides charts and fishing plotter data on the locations of all subsea cables and offshore wind farms in the UK.  This data can be downloaded from

Marine Protected Areas Mapping

Kingfisher is working on a project to map all Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) within UK waters. This data will be made available to fishers to help increase awareness of restricted fishing areas and promote compliance with regulations. More information on this project can be found on the marine protected areas mapping page.

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For more details about Kingfisher Information, or any of its products, please contact Kingfisher:

Tel: +44(0)1472 252 307