Careers in the UK Seafood Industry

The UK seafood industry offers a multitude of exciting career prospects with a wide variety of roles and opportunities available.

Attracting young people to the seafood sector

Young talent is vital to the future of the seafood industry but it can be a hard sell and fewer young people are being attracted than ever before. Many don’t know what types of job are available, while others have negative perceptions of the industry as a whole.

Seafish recently commissioned research to find out more about what young people think about careers in the seafood sector, to help the industry better understand young people’s attitudes and how they can help overcome the barriers that might prevent them taking up a career in the seafood industry.

The research findings have been used to create a report which seafood businesses can use as a practical guide to support recruitment.

Young Seafood Leaders Network

We established the Young Seafood Leaders Network to bring together the many talented young professionals from across the UK seafood industry. It provides a platform for knowledge sharing, identification and appreciation of best practice.

Young Seafood Chef of the Year competition

The Young Seafood Chef of the Year competition is open to all full-time and college based modern apprentice chefs. Run by the Grimsby Institute the competition provides young chefs with a platform to demonstrate their flair, understanding, skill and ability using seafood from sustainable sources.

The world is your oyster seafood careers resources

We have created a range of campaign materials to help encourage the next generation of young people to take up seafood careers. These materials are available for free to anyone working to promote seafood careers to young people – from seafood businesses to schools and colleges.

World Is Your Oyster Film
This short film showcases some of the exciting seafood career opportunities available to young people in the UK. It highlights the diversity of roles available across the industry, picking out some of the academic, creative, practical and hands on jobs available. The film is available to view below.

A short film created by Seafish, showcasing a variety of seafood related career opportunities available to young people in the UK.

World Is Your Oyster Infographics
We’ve also created a couple of infographics that allows young people to find out more about seafood careers options available at a glance. One details six reasons why they should consider a career in the seafood industry and the other lists four of the careers paths available. Copies of the infographics are available to preview in the image gallery at the bottom of this page.

World Is Your Oyster Careers Maps
These compact fold-up maps outline a selection of jobs available across the seafood industry. We have a stock of printed copies of the maps available for distribution at careers events.

If you’d like to download the film or request pdf copies of the infographics, simply click the link here to fill out our Careers Asset Request form.

You can also use this form to submit a request for printed copies of our careers maps, or you can email to request materials. However, please note we are not able to send out printed materials at the moment while we are working remotely due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements.

Further information for jobseekers

If you’re interested in a career in the seafood industry and looking to find out more about the options available you can visit other pages on our website to:

  • Read more about the different career paths available, 
  • Read career case studies from individuals starting out in the seafood industry
  • Read case studies of women working in the seafood industry


For further information about seafood careers contact:

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Head of Safety and Training
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