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Online Learning Resources for Fishmongers

These flexible training materials on customer service and food safety are split into a series of modules.

Customer Service for Independent and Mobile Fishmongers

Great customer service is essential for any successful business. Customers make an instant impression about a business when they visit, get in touch, look at your website or social media accounts.

Our customer service guide covers some of the things that create an enjoyable shopping experience. Topics covered include how to create positive first impressions, look after customers and handle complaints. Each module includes exercises to help new employees gain confidence or re-enforce key messages to more experienced staff members. After studying the guide you will find it easier to make a positive lasting impression and turn complaining customers into loyal customers.

Food Safety Management for Fishmongers

All food businesses must run a food safety management system based upon Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles. These systems and records help businesses to be more effective and comply with food safety law.

Our guide to food safety management covers a range of topics including basic principles on cleaning and avoiding cross contamination. It also explains why critical control points are not essential for well-run shops with clear policies and operating procedures. The guide has been developed for independent shop managers, but many parts of it are also applicable to mobile fishmongers or fish vans. Please note: this guide is not a definitive interpretation of the law. If you are unsure if it is appropriate for your business you should seek advice from your local food authority.  


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