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Seafood trade & tariff data

Our Trade and Tariff Tool has data for seafood imported and exported in the UK. Businesses can use it to research potential new markets.

Our interactive tools gives businesses access to historical trade data from 2010 to 2020. It also includes data on tariffs.

Built using business intelligence and analytics software Tableau, the tool contains seafood trade data for human consumption only and is based on HMRC data.

The data includes weight, value and country by year and can be displayed year by year, making comparisons easy and allowing businesses to identify trends and opportunities.

Videos: How to use the Trade and Tariff tool

We have a series of simple videos to show the Trade and Tariff Tool in action. This includes an overview of how to use the tool and guidance on how to generate and read data and reports. The YouTube playlist can be accessed by following the video link below. 

Our YouTube channel has a playlist of videos on how to use the Trade and Tariff Tool in Tableau

Get in touch

The tool has been created by our Economics team. Contact them for any queries or issues.

Joe Cooper
Economics Researcher - Trade analysis