Careers in Processing — Seafish

Careers in Processing

The processing sector transforms the fresh fish and shellfish produced by fishermen and fish. The range of careers available includes technical managers, supervisory roles, food technologists, operatives, team leaders, filleters, quality assurance roles, engineers etc.

Processing businesses may carry out freezing or defrosting activities, fish and shellfish smoking, marinading, seafood manufacturing and primary processing.

Processing careers offer plenty of opportunities for promotion and progression; individuals working in the processing sector can decide to move into other aspects of processing, or move onto processing supervision and management roles. Processing experience can also help workers to move into other sectors of the catering industry.

Most roles in the processing sector require no pre-entry qualifications, and often training is available onsite. Health and safety regulations will need to be followed at all times in processing plants, as well as food safety and hygiene requirements. More information about training course can be found here.

Further info

More about positions in seafood processing can be found at the National Careers Service.