Aquaculture is growing in the UK. Responsible farming is vital for it to remain a sustainable source for the future.

World aquaculture production recorded an all-time high of 114.5 million tonnes (live weight) in 2018, with a total estimated first-sale value of US$263 billion. Often the primary source of many aquatic animals we like to eat, such as Atlantic salmon, sea bass, or warm water prawns, is from aquaculture. By 2030, over 60% of all seafood produced and destined for our dinner plates will come from aquaculture.

Through aquaculture, our oceans, seas, and inland freshwaters hold huge potential to provide us with increased amounts of healthy and nutritious food which is needed to feed an ever growing human population

As with other types of farming, aquaculture is reliant upon the environment, so it needs to help look after it. The more responsible and sustainable aquaculture becomes, the more it will be able to provide great seafood for people across the world to eat, and for generations to come.

Aquaculture groups

Seafish is involved in a number of external aquaculture-related groups and initiatives and we facilitate two major aquaculture forums - all helping to support aquaculture activities in the UK.

Aquaculture Species Profiles - Web Tool

Aquaculture now provides half of all fish for human consumption and is one of the most resource-efficient ways to produce protein us to eat. There is a strong emphasis within the industry to continue reducing its impacts and secure its future as a sustainable source of seafood for generations to come.

Aquaculture research and insight

The Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Strategy Programme offers aquaculture reports and guides to help increase understanding of the importance, diversity and potential of UK aquaculture.

Aquaculture Regulatory Information

There is range of regulation information available for those looking to start up in seafood farming or for those who need some additional support. 

Careers and Training in Aquaculture

Those involved in fish and shellfish farming are known as aquaculturists - they breed, rear and harvest various fish and shellfish species for consumption and commercial sale in the UK or for export.

Bivalve Shellfish Purification Systems: Operating Manuals

While operators can develop their own systems for purifying bivalves, it is likely that such 'DIY' systems will require much more testing before they are able to be successfully challenge tested by the licensing authorities.

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