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Regulation in aquaculture

The aquaculture industry is growing in the UK. Regulation is in place to ensure fish is farmed with environment impact and food safety in mind.

There is range of regulation information available for those looking to start up in seafood farming or for those who need some additional support. 

Shellfish Production in Relation to Several and Regulating Orders

The UK shellfish industry is a multi-million pound sector that produces thousands of tonnes of shellfish each year, with considerable potential for further growth.

Several and Regulating Orders (SROs) are special legislation to encourage the setting up and management of private and natural shellfisheries in UK coastal waters.

Whilst SROs have the reputation of being complex and unwieldy, in actual fact they continue to present opportunities to enhance UK aquaculture, and increased production, particularly the farming of shellfish which has generally stagnated in the UK over recent years.

Our report below, describes and explains SROs by detailing their background and status, whilst highlighting their use and importance to individual shellfish producers and regulating bodies.