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    Inshore VMS Pilot Project - Interative Presentation

    This Defra funded project aims to develop a robust and widely accepted vessel tracking system for inshore vessels.
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    GLOBAL GAP Standards

    Global harmonization and responsible sourcing power point presentation.
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    SR617_Summary presentation of low cost Inshore VMS project_IPF SFA003

    Power point slides summarising the low cost inshore VMS project.
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    2010 Trade summary

    UK exports continue double digit growth for the second consecutive year. The global seafood markets are in flux, resulting in changes in traditional import/export dynamics. Emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Middle East & West Africa, are beginning to displace EU, USA and Japan as the principal seafood markets. 2010 saw strong demand, and limited supply driving prices of the most popular UK consumed species; including salmon, WWP and tuna.
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    B19_Henry Colbeck Ltd_Marketing Campaign

    A one year campaign to profile the nutritional benefits of fish & chips, in comparison to other take-away food products, on local radio stations throughout the main urban areas of Scotland or North East England. The fundamental basis of this campaign will be to very positively educate the public about the nutritional benefits of consuming fish compared to other take-away food products. In addition to the advertisements, health based competitions and features will be run by the participating radio stations. To further endorse the campaign, all Henry Colbeck vans and lorries will carry the clear health message on them.