Seagoing training certificates

ID cards and certificates are available to fishing industry workers who have completed training. Find out how to order ID cards and certificates.

Mandatory training is required for anyone working on a commercial fishing vessel in the UK. You may be asked to supply proof that you have completed training as part of a safety inspection. 

A range of ID cards and certificates are available. You can also order replacements for lost cards and certificates. 

New entrant photo ID card 

If you are new to the fishing industry, you can apply for this card following the completion of the four mandatory basic safety courses (Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid and Health & Safety).

The cost for production of this card is £10.00. A passport sized photograph is required. 

Experienced fisherman photo ID card 

Anyone who has been working on a fishing vessel for over two years who has completed the mandatory Safety Awareness training can apply for an Experienced Fisherman ID card. 

If you have a New Entrant ID card, you can apply to upgrade it to an Experienced Fisherman Photo ID Card once you have been working for two year and completed the Safety Awareness training.

The cost for production of this card is £10.00. A passport sized photograph is required.

Under 16.5m Skipper’s Certificate photo ID card (restricted and unrestricted) 

These cards can be obtained by experienced fishermen who have also completed additional training in:

  • Stability Awareness
  • GMDSS Radio Operation
  • Navigation
  • Bridge Watchkeeping
  • Engineering
  • Engine Room Watchkeeping

A Restricted Certificate is valid for fishing up to 20 miles off-shore. An Unrestricted Certificate is valid for fishing beyond 20 miles.

These certificates are valid for five years, after which they must be revalidated. Use the renewal form below to get your certificated revalidated.

The cost for production of either card is £10.00. A passport sized photograph is required.

How to apply for new or replacements card or certificates

Fill in the relevant application form correctly and post it to:

Training Administrator
Origin Way, Europarc
DN37 9TZ

You can include a cheque or postal order with your application or call 0131 558 3331 and pay with a debit or credit card. 

If any of your courses were not Seafish courses, you must send us scanned copies of your certificates, so that we can check and verify them.

Do you need help?

If you have any questions, you can email or give one of the team a call:

  • Simon Potten (Manager) - 07876 035743
  • Lee Haigh (Adviser) - 07904 660484
  • Katie Hooper (Adviser) - 07966 764151
  • Sharon Hewitt (Administrator) - 07814 818931
  • Nikki Hale (Administrator) - 07814 818930