Seafood Guide contents and ordering information | Seafish

Seafood Guide contents and ordering information

The Seafood Guide is a 64 page comprehensive full colour publication that covers all the key aspects of seafood in the UK.

The Guide contents include where our fish and shellfish come from, information on the UK seafood industry, nutritional guidance and an authoritative section on species, availability and seasonality.   

We have also included a section to demystify the issues around responsible sourcing.


  • Enjoy the best of the world’s catch
  • The UK seafood industry – an overview
  • Species and availability
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Processing and techniques
  • Handling and storage
  • Fish quality indicators
  • Cooking guide
  • Menus and marketing
  • Nutrition
  • Yields
  • Cuts and portions
  • Species pages

New for this edition, in-text links to updated online content providing additional or more up to date information.

Photo of a selection of different types of flatfish from the seafood guide
A selection of the flatfish in the Guide

A single copy of the Seafood Guide can be obtained for £5.00 including P&P.  Pricing for larger quantities* are available upon request.  To find out more or order your copy please email


*  Typical quantities are 5, 10 and multiples of 20.

Free copies are available for apprentices through their apprenticeship provider.