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Seafood Guide Updates

This page provides additional and up to date information to supplement the printed version of the Seafood Guide.

At the time of publication the 2020 edition of the Seafood Guide is as up-to-date and as accurate as we can make it. While much of the information in the Guide is unlikely to become out-of-date, some key industry statistics and information will change during the lifetime of each publication of the Guide. 

Additionally, we often have more information available on a topic than we can include in the Guide, so we have included links to this additional information below.

Seafood Guide Page Content Description URL or Hyperlink for additional/up to date information.
Inside front cover

With thanks to … A list of past contributors to the various editions of the Seafood Guide Authors and Credits page

Authors and credits

For more up to date statistics ... On the UK seafood industry

Seafood insight and research

Responsible Sourcing section includes discards, conserving stocks, responsible ports scheme, ethics, and various technical guides.

Responsible sourcing

For more information on species and seasonality …with a focus on cooking methods.

The Love Seafood site 


For more information on species and seasonality … there are multiple sources of additional information.

How to prepare fish and shellfish using our YouTube videos

Seafood Species Guides - main RASS page

Seafood Training Academy - the Guide to Seafood section