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International Labour Organization
The ILO has launched a global ILO-FAIR to help prevent human trafficking.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has launched a global Fair Recruitment Initiative (ILO-FAIR) to help prevent human trafficking, to protect the rights of workers, including migrant workers, from abusive and fraudulent practices during the recruitment and placement process, and to reduce the cost of labour migration and enhance development gains.

This multi-stakeholder initiative is based on a four-pronged approach, which puts social dialogue at the centre, and is implemented in close collaboration with governments, representative employers’ and workers’ organisations, the private sector and other key partners.

Significance for seafood businesses:

This is guidance specifically covering the fair recruitment of workers within the seafood industry. Sourcing seafood that is accredited to a standard that has a social component provides reassurance that the seafood you are purchasing has been independently verified concerning social issues.

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