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International Labour Organization

International Labour Organization
The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

The main aims of the ILO are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues. The ILO’s work on fishing and seafood processing is guided a number of international labour standards, including the Work in Fishing Convention, No. 188 and the Forced Labour Protocol. These instruments provide a valuable reference point in developing national legislation and tools. The ILO has also supported governments to develop guidelines and deliver training for labour inspection of fishing vessels and seafood processing plants. Support services and group formation among workers in the sector is also a key strategy in the effort to prevent and respond to labour rights abuses. The private sector, including industry associations and buyers are key partners in the efforts to ensure decent working conditions throughout the supply chain.

ILO reports are listed below, as well as links to numerous sources of information on ILO guidelines and conventions.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

An inter-governmental organisation working proactively in the seafood sector to support the industry, and improve governance, safety and welfare within the global seafood industry.

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