ILO Operational Indicators. Trafficking in human beings

International Labour Organization
Relating to deceptive and coercive recruitment, abuse of vulnerability, and exploitative conditions of work.

The International Labour Organization is a specialist agency of the United Nations (UN). There are four sets of operational indicators for adult and child victims of trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation. Each set is a structured list of indicators relevant to the following dimensions of the trafficking definition: Deceptive recruitment (or deception during recruitment, transfer and transportation) – 10 indicators; Coercive recruitment (or coercion during recruitment, transfer and transportation) – 10 indicators; Recruitment by abuse of vulnerability – 16 indicators; Exploitative conditions of work – 9 indicators; Coercion at destination – 15 indicators; and Abuse of vulnerability at destination – 7 indicators.

Significance for seafood businesses: 

These are general principles (not seafood specific) to illustrate indicators of trafficking in human beings to be aware of.

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