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The Fisheries Management and Innovation Group

The Fisheries Management and Innovation Group brings people together to discuss and share knowledge on catching sector issues.

The Fisheries Management Innovation Group (FMIG) provides a safe meeting space to discuss the key challenges facing the UK catching sector. The three key areas for discussion are: legislation and regulation, stock assessment issues and how to introduce new technology.

People take part to keep-up-to-date with the latest developments, to be part of a cross-industry discussion and listen to the issues raised by other parts of the industry. They can also raise their own issues, present new ideas, network with other people or make new contacts.

The group is led by our industry and we take responsibility for running the FMIG. The Group has met twice a year since 2009. The FMIG brings together people who represent the catching sector, as well as the retail, food service and restaurant industries. Other people who attend are not-for-profit environmental voluntary groups, consumer groups, government, scientists and industry bodies.

This group was formerly the Discard Action Group (DAG) and was originally set up as a forum for the discussion of industry-wide problems relating to discards.

There are generally two meetings a year. The presentations and minutes from the most recent meetings are below. Presentations and minutes from previous meetings are available from Karen Green.

We are running a mix of in person meetings and shorter online bite-size FMIG sessions at the moment.

Next meeting

The next online bite-size session will be in April or May. For more information about the Fisheries Management and Innovation Group contact 
Karen Green.

Previous two meetings

Decarbonisation of UK fishing fleets (23 January 2024). This online bite-size meeting looked at the progress made by the UK fishing industry to help reduce emissions to reach Net Zero carbon targets. Please view the presentations:

FMIG in person meeting. UK fishing industry response to external pressures (5 October 2023). See the presentations from this meeting.

Trawling for the truth. This covered different views and perspectives on current fishing practices.

The future for marine protection - current protection and priorities for the future. This looked at aligning marine protection and net gain with offshore industry growth, and balancing infrastructure and spatial needs with environmental protection. 

FMIG meeting notes

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For more information about The Fisheries Management and Innovation Group contact 
Karen Green.