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Acoustic deterrents

Alternative names

  • Pingers


An acoustic deterrent is a device that emits pulses of high frequency sound to deter cetaceans from approaching fishing gear. They are sometimes referred to as ‘pingers’.

An acoustic 'pinger' attached to a gill net at the top of the head rope
An acoustic 'pinger' fitted to the head rope of a gill net

Size selectivity

Acoustic deterrents or pingers, can be used keep all species and sizes of cetacean away from commercial fishing gear. However it is important to assess which makes and designs of acoustic deterrents have proved to work for the cetaceans that are causing problems in and around the gear. Some devices will be more effective for certain species and in certain areas.

The space between the the pingers on the gear can be critical in keeping the cetaceans away from the gears.

There is some concern about the amount of artificial noise that is being put into the marine environment in certain sea areas. This could cause confusion for some species.


Selection type

  • Pre-selection