Covid-19 impact on seafood industry

Our review of how Covid-19 has affected the seafood industry in the UK.

We’ve reviewed a range of data and information to analyse Covid-19 impact on seafood businesses from January to June 2020.


In the UK, we export a lot of the seafood we catch and import much of the seafood we eat. Our seafood supply chain is heavily integrated into the global supply chain. As such, global responses to the Covid-19 pandemic affect our industry.

We’ve taken a high-level view of the whole of the seafood supply chain to explore the impact on:

  • UK seafood markets,
  • Seafood business operations, and
  • Consumer behaviour.

The webpages linked below describe how seafood sectors have been affected in the first half of 2020.

Information sources

To put together this review we’ve drawn on data available at the time of writing. This included official statistics, industry insights and published news articles.

You can download a copy of our full report from the link below. It includes a full list of sources.

Updating this review

We will provide a rolling update of Covid-19 impacts on the seafood industry. We plan to release the next update – with data covering July to September – in December 2020.

We'd appreciate any feedback or comments on this report - please contact Ana Witteveen by the details below.


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