UK Fisheries Economics Network (UKFEN) is a network for economists and analysts working in the seafood industry.

We founded UKFEN in early 2011 in order to promote professional exchange between fisheries economists and analysts. The network has many purposes, including:

  • Linking researchers and analysts in academia, government and industry
  • Sharing research plans among members
  • The discussion and prioritisation of current and future research needs
  • Coordination of research proposals and funding applications
  • Debate and resolution of technical issues
  • Communication between analysts and their customers

UKFEN meets regularly. We provide a chair for general meetings, and members are drawn from academia, government, marine laboratories and research institutes. There is no fee for membership, and no obligation to participate in meetings.

Next UKFEN meetings:

  • 16th meeting: Wednesday 20 March 2019, London

  • Conference: Wednesday 25 September 2019, London

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