Onshore Training News In Brief - April 2020

Bivalve Purification courses go online

The Southern Shellfish Training Centre had four Bivalve Purification Operations courses in the pipeline for March and April 2020 and managed to deliver two of them before social distancing became the norm.  But they are determined to carry on with their training services in the form of a remote learning pilot taking place later in April.  As part of the pilot the two trainers (Martin and Andy) will deliver the bivalve course over two sessions via Zoom later in April.  

Following the success of this pilot they will offer additional bivalve courses to businesses and individuals. Find out more on bivalve purification training 

Seafish expands role of online testing

We have been working closely with the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland to make invigilated exams available online for all of our regulated awards.  These exams are an essential part of our plans to offer many of our knowledge courses via remotely delivered taught courses.

Most of our tests are not visible to the public, but those that are can all be found on the Seafood Academy site. Click here to access the testing portal. If you would like to have a go at a short demonstration test then try this link for multiple choice exam and this for an extended answer test.

Remote training, what is available?

If the Bivalve purification remote training course is a success then this will open the gates to more types of training courses being delivered in this way by Seafish approved trainers.  These courses can include various food hygiene, HACCP and health & safety courses, and perhaps some courses we don’t yet deliver.

If you have a need for a remote training course then please tell us about it by emailing onshore@seafish.co.uk  If we can deliver it for you then we will.  

Online learning materials

For a comprehensive list of training opportunities and materials for seafood businesses visit our online and elearning resources

If you know of an online or eLearning programme that could be a suitable addition to this webpage then please email details to l_cooper@seafish.co.uk 

Seafish support regarding coronavirus

For updates on the coronavirus for the seafood industry visit our webpage. To stay up-to-date watch this video from our CEO Marcus Coleman. On our Fish is the Dish Buying Online webpage we share details of specialist suppliers who can deliver seafood to consumers. If you would like to be added to this as a supplier, contact our Fish is the Dish team.