Love Seafood marketing support for seafood businesses

Our Trade Marketing Manager shares how Love Seafood has offered marketing support for seafood businesses in its first year.

What a year it’s been

Unprecedented. An overused word of late, but one which perfectly sums up the challenges and changes over the past year. Businesses across the seafood supply chain were affected by Covid-19 and the closure of the hospitality sector in the UK and beyond had significant impacts. Many businesses needed to evolve – such as fishers selling direct via quayside sales, high street fishmongers providing online ordering and restaurants offering home delivery.

Coinciding with this tumultuous year came Love Seafood. Launched in October 2020 as an ambitious long-term consumer initiative to reframe the nation’s view of seafood. It seeks to help consumers across the UK reconnect with seafood. As well as directly marketing to consumers, we also set out to provide seafood businesses with support and tools to help them communicate effectively. Here’s a brief overview of marketing support delivered for businesses in our first year.

Creating tools and assets for businesses to use on your marketing channels

Since our brand launch we’ve been sharing photography, film clips and graphics for businesses to use on their own digital marketing channels. There’s also print ready artwork for posters and our marketing toolkit, with more information on the Love Seafood brand and how you can use it to promote your business. It’s been great to see businesses making use of these assets. As well as businesses sharing content on their own social media channels, we’ve also had enquiries about using recipes on their websites.

A selection of Love Seafood social media assets

There are now over 400 asset files available to download for free from our online Asset Bank. Files added in the last month include photos of our seafood champions and graphics for our latest consumer campaign on scampi. You need to create an account to access files on Asset Bank. Once you’ve logged in just search for the Love Seafood category and you’ll find everything in there.

Sharing expertise in marketing masterclasses

In March 2021 we delivered a series of free webinars with industry experts to support independent restaurants, fishmongers and retailers.

Attended by over 100 businesses, the webinars were designed to give business owners a chance to build their marketing skills and knowledge. Sessions covered maximising social media, search engine optimisation and stories of restaurants successfully adapting to Covid-19. They also provided an opportunity for attendees to learn how to use the Love Seafood consumer brand.

Producing posters and recipe booklets to help consumers love seafood purchases

We supplied fish and chip shops with a series of in-shop promotional posters. They encourage customers to choose the seafood offering when deciding what they were going to purchase.

Artwork for three Love Seafood fish and chip posters

We also recently produced a new printed Love Seafood recipe booklet and supplied copies to independent retailers across the UK. It showcases easy to cook fish and shellfish recipe ideas, along with hints and tips on buying, storing, preparing and cooking seafood.

We’ve had really positive feedback from retailers on the posters and booklets. Businesses tell us that they are useful tools to use to strike up conversations with shoppers about different fish and shellfish available and how different species can be best used for a variety of meal occasions and formats.

Thank you for the Love Seafood recipe booklets - our customers love them and they came just at the right time, when it was so nice to be able to give the customers something back, for all their support during lockdown and of course buying seafood and playing their part in keeping this industry going in tough times.
Hayes Seafoods, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Thank you for the supply of new Love Seafood recipe booklets of recipes. The recipes are simple and of fish that’s easy sourced and are caught by my own boat as well as other local boats. Easy and simple is the feedback we’re getting.
Hull Shellfish, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear
Photo of Love Seafood recipe booklets on a shop counter and photo of Love Seafood recipe card

The recipe booklet content is currently available as a series of digital recipe cards from our Asset Bank.

Further information

Please note, as from 11 April 2022, the Love Seafood initiative and all associated activity has come to an end. Thank you for your support and for being a part of the journey to ‘bring on better living’.