2023 seafood processing survey underway | Seafish

2023 seafood processing survey underway

Processing businesses encouraged to participate in survey which supports data collection and analysis for industry and government.

We have launched our annual processing survey today. Our research team will be contacting businesses across the UK to gather details on processing sites from April to June this year.  

The processing survey consists of a five-minute call and short follow-up email. It collects data which helps government understand how businesses and communities are impacted by local, national, and international events. This information can also be used by businesses to provide evidence to government of challenges within the industry.

Workers packaging seafood in processing factory
Our annual processing survey supports data collection and analysis for industry and government

How our processing sector data is used

Regular data and insight outputs provided with seafood processing data include updating data within our Seafood Processing Enquiry tool, however data can also be provided to support specific needs within industry.

Last year we provided evidence to support the seafood processing sector’s inclusion in the Energy Bills Discount Scheme by sharing data which showed that it is an Energy and Trade Intensive Industry. Supplemental data collected in 2022 is also being used by the Migration Advisory Committee to inform policy decisions around labour shortages.

Ana Witteveen, our Senior Economic Advisor and the project lead on the processing survey said:

The processing survey underpins all our data and insight on the seafood processing sector. An initial call allows us to ensure that we have accurate information on processing sites across the UK and when financial data is shared this allows us to build up a comprehensive picture of the industry’s economic performance. We apply strict confidentially rules so businesses can be assured that their information is protected.

This data is used to provide evidence for discussions with industry and government. I’d encourage all processing businesses to engage with our researchers during the survey to make sure their voice is heard.

Jimmy Buchan, CEO of the Scottish Seafood Association said:

When seafood processing businesses began facing rising energy costs, we turned to Seafish to gather the data needed to provide evidence of our industry’s energy use. This insight helped us make our case for Government support, resulting in the sector’s inclusion for additional support under the Energy Bills Discount Scheme in 2023. I’d encourage all seafood processing businesses to complete the survey as the more data we have the stronger our ask is.

Daniel Whittle from Whitby Seafoods said:

Recruitment and access to labour is challenging for many seafood processing businesses, so we’re happy to provide data to Seafish. We know that they can produce the insight needed to help understand the full picture and make our case, such as by providing evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee. We’ll be completing the processing survey again this year and would recommend that other businesses do the same.

Find out more and get in touch

You can find out more about the survey and access our latest processing sector reports and data from the links below:

Businesses can also contact our processing survey research team directly on processingenquiries@seafish.co.uk.