Seafood in Numbers 2022 webinar | Seafish

Seafood in Numbers 2022 webinar

Date: 15 January 2024

Time: 1500 - 1600

Location: Online

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To support the UK Seafood in Numbers 2022 launch, we will host a webinar the 15th January 2024 led by Jennifer Robson, alongside Economic Researcher Sheriene Murphy. The webinar will provide background on the current state of the UK seafood industry and explain our data collection process, with a sneak peek into the day of a Field Researcher surveying the fishing fleet.  

During the webinar, the team will dive into the data, identifying key trends, and discussing the practical implications of the findings for businesses and other industry stakeholders. By offering participants an opportunity to engage directly with the experts behind the data, the Seafood in Numbers webinar welcomes both new entrants to the industry and seasoned professionals looking for a deeper understanding of the latest trends.  

While Seafood in Numbers addresses a wide range of issues within the industry, we organise our data collection outputs with varying levels of detail. Stakeholders seeking a more in-depth understanding can also explore quarterly reports and factsheets on the Seafish website, offering detailed insights into specific areas of the industry.   

Seafood in Numbers 2022 is now available on our website: