Shellfish Stakeholder Working Group

The Shellfish Stakeholder Working Group (SSWG) works on improving water quality to support the growth of the aquaculture industry in the UK.

The SSWG aims to ensure that any water quality issues or impending risks to the industry are appropriately managed and to provide support wherever possible to mitigate potential impacts. The group provides:

  • A forum to evaluate regulatory issues and industry priorities and exchange expert industry advice with government departments and agencies.
  • An opportunity to assist in identifying short and long term work areas to order to strengthen and streamline shellfish controls for the benefit of the industry whilst fully meeting consumer safety and regulatory requirements.

The SSWG is facilitated by Seafish and made up of representatives from industry, the regulators and their partners and experts.

The SSWG will meets at twice per year, or more frequently if work requires. It may also set up smaller working groups dealing with specific issues where necessary.  

Further info

Seafish is also facilitating the Developing an Assurance Scheme for Shellfish and Human Health project on behalf of the SSWG.

Find out more about DASSHH


For more information about the SSWG contact group secretary:

Eunice Pinn, Marine Environment Regulation Advisor
t: 07876 035 723